Savannah Falzon is the founder of Retirement Care Solutions. She is passionate about helping retirees and their families overcome any confusion in achieving the next step into their retirement or aged care journey. She ensures the choices are easy, smooth and hassle fee giving retirees and their families the peace of mind that comes with making the right decision.

Savannah has been collaborating with Bennett Family Real Estate for 5 years, assisting our Buyers and Sellers through the confusing and often daunting task of downsizing. She makes sure that the process is as simple and transparent as possible for all involved. It’s often been described to Savannah as a ‘minefield’, where many are too afraid to step into the unknown for fear of getting it wrong. Not knowing where to start and where it will all end. This is where Savannah’s career in real estate enables her to consult, recommend and guide retirees and their families in all aspects of real estate, giving peace of mind and ultimately making the transition to retirement living stress free.

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